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JAC Recruitment is a truly international company. Founded in London in 1975 and extending our footprint to Asia in 1987, we are the longest established international recruitment company group in the region. We place high caliber professionals, many with specialist language abilities, across all major multinational companies in the Asia region and beyond.

Our network of businesses spans 25 offices in 10 countries, across Asia and the U.K. and Japan. We are more than 1,000 professional consultants worldwide, specialists in our industries who believe in making connections. Take the first step in finding that perfect connection for you - search our job vacancies now.

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Ref Position Specialization Sub Specialization Apply Job
953 大手日系メーカーにて営業職。培った英語力を活かしませんか? Sales Consumer Electronics;Factory, Industrial & Process Automation;Mechanical;Office Automation Apply
952 SALES MANAGER Sales Scientific Instrument & Equipment Apply
951 WEB ENGINEER IT Project/ IT/ Network Manager Apply
950 日系大手IT企業にてセールスエンジニア募集!業界経験活かせます。 IT Infrastructure Analyst/ Architect/ Manager;System Administration;Network Engineer/ Consultant/ Architect;IT Pre Sales/ Post Sales Apply
949 大手広告代理店にてアカウントマネージャー。業界経験を海外で活かしませんか? Advertising Account Managers / Executives Apply
948 未経験OK!積極性のある方募集!ロジスティクス営業 SCM, Logistics & Procurement Logistics / Shipping Coordinators;Operations;Sales Support / Order Management / Customer Service Apply
947 大手日系引越し業者でカスタマーサービス業務 SCM, Logistics & Procurement Logistics / Shipping Coordinators;Sales Support / Order Management / Customer Service Apply
946 日系大手家電メーカーでの営業アシスタント募集! Sales Consumer Electronics;Electrical & Electronics Apply
945 英語力活かせます!会計コンサルタント募集! Accounting & Finance Accountant;Accounts Assistant;Business Analysis Apply
944 明るくやる気のある方募集!不動産で営業職 Sales Building Materials & Construction;Professional Services;Sales Manager & Directors Apply
943 大手日系企業での韓国営業募集! Sales Consumer Electronics;Electrical & Electronics;Factory, Industrial & Process Automation;Office Automation Apply
942 30歳前後、営業希望の方募集!大手日系企業での営業職。 Sales Consumer Electronics;Factory, Industrial & Process Automation;Mechanical Apply
941 事務局スタッフ募集!コミュニケーション力活かせます!! Human Resource & Office Support General Affairs;Help Desk/Customer Service Apply
940 好待遇、日本での勤務もOK。機械設備技術者募集! Construction, Civil Engineering & Development Contract Managers;Design Engineers Apply
939 アニメーション制作現場管理!手当充実で3D実務経験者を大募集! IT 3D/ Graphic Designer;Web Designer/ Developer;Software Engineer/ Developer;Project/ IT/ Network Manager Apply
938 SALE MANAGER (Japanese Speaker) Sales Sales Manager & Directors Apply
937 Tổng vụ nhân sự - 係長 Human Resource & Office Support Admin Support;General Affairs;HR Admin Support Apply
936 経験不問!英日翻訳者募集。報道・メディアに興味のある方歓迎です。 Service & Others Interpretor / Translator Apply
935 スタイリッシュな高級アパートの運営に携わりたい方募集 Service & Others Hotel (GRO, Front Office, House Keeper) Apply
934 経験不問!専門商社にて営業職募集 Sales Electrical & Electronics;Mechanical Apply


2015.07.10 Opening new office in Hanoi
2015.01.20 Holiday Closing Dates / February 14th - February 23rd 2015
2014.12.23 Holiday Closing Dates/January 1th-January 4th 2015

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2015.01.12 S&E Welcome all to our very first talk show from the Great Director of TOP 5 Japanese Trading company!

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