Sales Director

Job title: Sales Director
Contract type: Permanent
Salary: ₫0 - ₫0
Start date: 26-09-2021
Reference: PR/084990
Contact details: Thao Kim
Contact email:
Job published: September 08, 2021 22:08

The company  has been known as the symbol of a young, dynamic and diversified community who made a long step toward the new century. The company kept growing along the strong growth of the nation during the "Renovation" and "Integration" periods into the world economy.

At the beginning, with a few of people and a limited capital, we overcame many difficulties. Base on our determination, patience, bravery, we have continuously developed and grown to be a strong group.

Presently, our key-businesses are focusing on attractive sectors: Real Estate, Hi-end Retail, Construction, Corporate Finance, Eco-Tourism. Our recent success has been the result from our practical strategy and integration in every our business sector.

Report Line: Deputy General Director of C. F

  1. Advising, building, operating, implementing and carrying out activities in the real estate products
  • Advising, developing strategies, business policies / exploiting real estate products for the Group.
  • Develop sales policies, salary - sales and bonus policies of the Real Estate Business Department.
  • Direct, review and approve the planning work of the Real Estate Business Department.
  • Sales plan: new products, business promotion of related real estate projects.
  • After-sales real estate exploitation plan.
  • Support managers of the Real Estate Business Department to develop work objectives.
  • Predict and evaluate market research, adjust strategies to timely change to meet customer requirements.
  • Track competitors' products, sales and marketing activities, and proposes strategies/tactics to succeed in competition.
  • Market research, propose potential locations and projects for the  Board   of    Directors to plan the development of new exchanges in the market.
  1. Planning and organizing sales
  • Prepare a full range of sales tools and policies for each product.
  • Organize employee training to master  sales knowledge and skills.
  • Deliver sales to each product, each employee.
  • Performing sales and management of real estate exploitation.
  • Ensuring the sales as planned and in accordance with the Group's business strategy.
  • Achieve sales     targets of the Board of Directors, entrusted  in each period.
  • Manage collaborators and sales agents to boost the Group's sales.
  • Develop the C.T Group brand through marketing tools.
  • Timely information for C.T Group real estate exchange about real estate products to betraded.
  • Coordinate    with    C.T  Group real estate exchanges to conduct events and conferences to promote sales. 
  • Coordinate and support the  sales  management  and    projects  of    C.T Group.
  • Perform a negotiated role in sales  operations.
  • Track and inspect sales activities, real estate exploitation, marketing, market research, price construction, customer care,...
  • Proactively find and maintain existing and prospective customers.
  • Contact, create relationships, participate in associations for the work of the Real Estate Business Department.
  • Introducing the sale of real estate products of C.T Group investment.
  1. Organizing customer care
  • Directly resolve customer complaints.
  • Develop programs, service policies, customer care.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing the brand value of the Group.
  1. Construction and budget management under the Real Estate Business Department
  • Plan and implement approved financial planning effectively.
  • Ensure that business activities must be profitable (including real estate exchanges belonging to C.T Group).

5. Organization and management of human rights work under the Real Estate Business Department
  • Recruiting and training employees to meet the operational requirements and development of the Group's Real Estate  Business Department.
  • Assign tasks and plans to exchanges under the Real Estate  Sales and    Marketing  Department.
  • Find and detect measures to improve the way the Real Estate Business Department operates    /    organize structural controls.
  • Implementing policies, salary and bonuses of the Real Estate Business Department.
  • Motivate real estate business department staff to do  their jobs.
  • Take on the role of contacting other Departments/Units   in the Group to expedite the joint work.
  • Communicate information  related to  business  activities  to   exchanges and departments  of    the  Real Estate Business Department.
  • Guide and solve problems that arise related to business.
  • Appraisal and evaluation of the performance of exchanges and individuals under the Real Estate Business Department.
  • Organize breakfast to exchange work with Business Team     Managers:  1 time  /2 days.
  • Celebrate Best Sellers and Best Marketiers and  other     activities:   once at a time.
  • Regularly have internal communication activities related to all employees of the Real Estate Business Department.
  1. Participate in criticism and appraisal of new products of the  Group
  • Coordinate the processing of customer-related information with other   P/B/Units to carry out the work and complete the Group's sales targets. 
  1. Team building
  •  Establishing work objectives, publicity, assign tasks, guiding and supervising the implementation of employees within the scope of management.
  • Arrange the right personnel for the right jobs and optimize the efficiency of human resource use; proposed transfer forbuzzing in accordance with capacity and qualities.
  • Coordinate with the Board of Directors to identify the needs of training  andevaluation after training toensure that the employees under management are trained and fully promotedcapacity.
  • Plan for next personnel training.
  • Participate in proposing policies and policies for personnel in the Board, proposing treatment/ appointment / commendation / discipline;
  • Implementing and enhancing internal communication: Encouraging personnel in the Board to actively interact on internal groups, promoting the Group's image and brand on the Group's personal pages and media pages.
  1. Perform other jobs as assigned by superiors / leaders of the Group.
  1. Proactively perform tasks and functions as authorized by the Board of Directors.
  2. Make periodical reports to the Board of Directors within the scope of assigned responsibilities.
  3. Arrange, move, assigned, guide and direct the employees in the Real Estate Management Board.
  4. Representing the Company to work with external agencies, individuals and organizations within the scope of its work.
  5. Assess the quality and working results of employees of the Real Estate Management Board according to the company's system of indicators and evaluation standards.
  6. Proposing to superiors on recruitment, promotion, salary increase, training, demotion, demotion, transfer, commendation, discipline, resignation and assigned responsibilities and powers of members of the Real Estate Management Board.
  7. The right to refuse to perform works contrary to the provisions of law.
  8. Follow authorization (if applicable).
Inside the Group
  1. Working partnerships with Heads/Departments/Units in the Group.
  2. Coordinate to work with all employees related to the professional work of the Real Estate Management Board.

Outside the Group
Working with relevant external agencies, individuals and organizations ( real estate  exchanges, ,...  )
  1. Receive reports from units in charge.
  2. Report on business results, revenue and expenses; make forecasts before the Board of Directors of the Group.
  3. Report the work directly to the Deputy Director General of the C.F.
  4. Report periodically/ unexpectedly at the request of the Deputy General Director of C.F. /Management Board of related issues within the scope of assigned powers.
  1. Working time:
  • Monday to Friday: from  8:00 to 17:300  (lunch break from 12:00 to 13:30)
  • Saturday: from 8:00 to 12:00.
  1. Annual permit regime in accordance with the Labor Law.
Other modes are set out  in  the  Agreement,CSPL and other agreements.

  1. Age: 35 - 50 years old.
  2. Qualifications: Graduated from university or higher.
  3. Majors: Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Trade or other equivalent specializations.
  4. Experience: Having 05 years of experience working in sales and marketing, including at least 03 years of experience in the equivalent position in the field of real estate.
  5. Foreign language: Fluent in English (listening, speaking, reading, writing).
  6. Computer: Proficient in computers, office software ...
  7. Skill:
  • Leadership.
  • Good  planning skills.
  • Ability to identify, analyze and evaluate the market.
  • Be sensitive to business opportunities.
  • Ability to communicate, communicate information and solve problems, organize good working teams.
  1. Related knowledge:
  • Have extensive knowledge and practical capacity in corporate governance and management and professional fields in charge.
  • Understand the current economic law system and have general legal knowledge.
  • Understanding of relevant laws in the field of charge.
Other necessary qualities: Honesty, initiative, creativity, responsibility, assertiveness at work,    can stand high pressure  at work.

  • Young, dynamic, professional working environment
  • Competitive salary range

Apply online or feel free to contact me directly for more information about this opportunity. Due to the high volume of applicants, we regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Thank you for your understanding.