IT Staff

Job title: IT Staff
Contract type: Permanent
Location: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)
Salary: negotiate, Based on experiences
Start date: 17 Feb 2020
Job Reference: 03130
Contact details: Ha Thi My Thoa
Contact email:
Job published: about 1 month ago

System and networking infrastructure planning/designing :

-       Design of Local network topology as well as Internetwork Routing and Switching for a flexible & extensible growing plan, and anticipating modifications to this plan

-       Plan the Active Directory & core Network Services implementation as well as other required Network Services such as Printing, Data Sharing, Collaboration and Emailing.

-       Plan the global Security framework and global Data Management structure as well as Data Backup strategy and Disaster Recovery plan.

-       Plan Hardware investment and Software license requirements, anticipating the changing needs of a fast-growing business.

Implementation and Deployment :

-       Deploy Backup of Data and System.

-       Implement the inter-office connections.

-       Deploy the Active Directory, modify the Active Directory when needed.

-       Deploy the Collaboration and Emailing solutions as well as local Firewall/Security applications.

-       Implement IT standards/procedures including a full disaster recovery plan.

Administration and Management :

-       Manage IT Staffs, follow up and monitoring to ensure optimised efficiency and that end-users needs are being satisfied.

-       Prepare proposal/quotation/budget for yearly hardware/software investment or on-demand IT solutions.

-       Assign & supervise local tasks of the Network Administrators as well as global tasks of Branch IT Managers (Sojitz Corporation).

-       Ensure server files are well managed and appropriate access rights are applied.

Maintenance and Desk-support

-       Maintain the good performance of Network itself and the Services.

-       Monitor the Backup of Data and ensure the lowest downtime of the system.

-       Maintain the history of modification made to the IT system & problems.

-       Troubleshoot problems related to the Local network and the Internetwork.

-       Prepare the Administrator Guide/User Guide related to IT system.


-       Protect the network against leakage of data as well as respect sensitive information such as passwords, license keys and other non-IT related sensitive data.

-       Ensure that all exported data must be authorized and imported data must be scanned against virus as well as to be validated.

-       NOT to compromise any network intrusion activities.

Navision (ERP software) maintainability and management : Support ERP system for users remote control, restart Navision server (if any).

Website : update information, picture as requested.

Working in Plant Site :

-       Fix, troubleshoot the problems relating to networks, switchboard, the office equipments/tools such as PC, laptop, Printer, Fax machine, scanner, photocopy, modem/router, file server… IT help desk.

-       Install and instruct all staffs to use computer program/application software.

-       Support ERP system for users, remote control to restart Navision server (if any).

-       Give IT advice relating to purchasing equipments, tools for P/S.


  • Male age ≥ 26;
  • University Degree – major in IT
  • Skill of English (reading materials/ writing/ communicating)
  • Knowledge of IT( server & basic network administration tools, proficiency in installation, repair of hardware& software, database, operating systems), at least 03 year experience in IT (help desk, working with system domain, mail system, web hosting, system engineer and security…)
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Salary be negotiated (depend on ability and experience, Min 10 mil VND)