Chief Finance Officer

Job title: Chief Finance Officer
Contract type: Permanent
Salary: ₫0 - ₫0
Start date: 26-09-2021
Reference: PR/084991
Contact details: Thao Kim
Contact email:
Job published: September 08, 2021 22:13

The company  has been known as the symbol of a young, dynamic and diversified community who made a long step toward the new century. The company kept growing along the strong growth of the nation during the "Renovation" and "Integration" periods into the world economy.

At the beginning, with a few of people and a limited capital, we overcame many difficulties. Base on our determination, patience, bravery, we have continuously developed and grown to be a strong group.

Presently, our key-businesses are focusing on attractive sectors: Real Estate, Hi-end Retail, Construction, Corporate Finance, Eco-Tourism. Our recent success has been the result from our practical strategy and integration in every our business sector.

Report Line: General Director

1. Advising, formulating and planning financial strategies of the Group
-           Advising the Board of Directors on developing the Group's medium-to-long-term development strategies. Analyse the structure and manage financial risks to report promptly to the Board of Directors.
-           To assess and analyse the business environment, domestic and international macroeconomic factors in time to advise the BOD in making decisions related to appropriate business policies.
-           Develop overall capital plans to meet the needs of capital to finance the Group's investment projects.
-           Establish revenue and profit plans as well as dividend policies of the Group in short and medium-term goals.
-           Research, analyse and evaluate issues related to domestic and foreign financial markets, implement capital mobilization strategies to be able to effectively use credit products.
-           Drafting and proposing the promulgating of processes and regulations for financial management.

2. Participate in appraisal of production/ financial-monetary investment projects/plans
-           Evaluate, analyse the effectiveness of investment projects/ plans.
-           Coordinate with the Partner - Investment Department in proposing the Board of Directors, supervising investment projects of the Group.

3. Establishment and development of partnerships with financial institutions, investment funds, communities of domestic and international investors
-           Establish and develop cooperative relationships with financial institutions, investment funds, communities of domestic and international investors.

4. Manage funds to ensure liquidity and efficiency of capital use of the Group
-           Maintain liquidity and ensure financial resources are always available to the Group in investment, business and development.
-           Make budget reserve plans in appropriate forms to meet unexpected treasury needs.
-           Coordinate with the Accounting Board to prepare and request the Board of Directors to approve the Financial – Accounting plan for the next fiscal year based on the Resolution of the BOD.
-           Coordinate to implement and monitor the implementation of the Financial – Accounting plan of the Group and of the approved Department/ Unit.
-           Supervise the consultancy to monitor and rotate capital between Departments/ Units under the approval of the BOD.
-           Proposing the Board of Directors for necessary credit loans for the Group's activities.
-           Participate in the development of the Group's integrated financial plan in each fiscal year. Develop cash flow plans for investment projects.
-           Supervise the performance of credit contracts and financial investments of the Group, manage financial portfolios.
-           Propose solutions for capital mobilization and management of the Group's capital contribution in other units.
-           Formulate and propose plans for distribution of profits, use of financial funds, financial investment, working capital management.

5. Share management and listing
-           Build a listing process
-           In charge of audit data
-           Track the profits of the entire Group.
-           Develop a Revenue and Profit plan for each unit according to the strategic orientation of the Board of Directors.
-           Manage listed shares.
-           Monitor and report market fluctuations of management shares.
-           Proposing and implementing strategies to adjust the current status of listed shares from time to time according to the direction of the BOD.

6. Management and operation of the Finance Department
-           Direct, manage and monitor the progress of the work of employees in the Board.
-           Responsible for the targets and performance of the Board.
-           Develop and organize the board's resources to ensure the operational efficiency of the Board with optimal resource costs.
-           Coordination of recruitment; training in professional skills; evaluate the results of the staff work of the Board.

7. Perform other work as directed by superiors
-           Responsible for information confidentiality, ensuring absolute accuracy as well as being ready to take responsibility for the consequences that occur (if any) in tasks and powers.
-           Proposing measures and plans for professional work.
-           Be entitled to request Departments/ Units to provide relevant information dossiers.
-           The right to refuse to perform works contrary to the provisions of the Group and the law.
-           Responsible for information confidentiality, ensuring absolute accuracy as well as being ready to take responsibility for the consequences that occur (if any) in tasks and powers.

1.        Age: 35 years old  and  above.
2.         Qualifications: Graduated from university  or  higher.
3.         Majors:  Accounting, Finance, Auditing or other equivalent majors.
4.         Experience:  Have at least 10 years of experience in the field of finance and 3 years of experience in the position of Chief Financial Officer or equivalent in large companies and corporations.
5.         Foreign language: English proficient in 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing).
6.         Computer: Proficient in computers, office software,...
7.         Skill:
-           Have leadership, management and executive skills.
-           Good mobilization, negotiation, persuasive and diplomatic skills.
-           Ability to plan, analyse, synthesize, forecast market evaluation.
8.         Related knowledge  :
-           Have the capacity and experience to build a network of partners in the financial sector.
-           Experience and expertise in finance and capital mobilization.
-           In-depth understanding of tax regulations for enterprises, legal systems in business and financial markets.
-           Knowledgeable in the field of finance, accounting, statistics.
9.         Other necessary qualities: Honesty, motivated, creative, organizing scientific work, withstanding high pressure at work.

  • Young, dynamic, professional working environment
  • Competitive salary range

Apply online or feel free to contact me directly for more information about this opportunity. Due to the high volume of applicants, we regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Thank you for your understanding.