Service Manager (Automotive)

ポジション名: Service Manager (Automotive)
雇用形態: 正社員
勤務地: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)
給与: $0 - 50 k
開始日: 30 Mar 2020
リファレンス: en-5354
担当者名: Mai Anh Dao
求人公開日: March 30, 2020 16:56


① Operating the activities of repairing chassis, electricity, refrigeration, paint ...

② Implementing the repair activities according to the layout, operating procedures, environmental regulations, labor safety, 5S ...

③ Control the implementation of repairs to the quality, progress and productivity of each team / group.

④ Assign management of equipment, tools, labor safety, ensuring always in good condition.

⑤ Ensuring a convenient working environment, team-friendly, sociable and solidarity.

⑥ Coordinate, optimize the use of human resources in the workshop, propose recruitment, training, improving skills for technicians.

⑦ Solving and handling technical issues at the service workshop.

⑧ Proposing a solution to shorten the time and increase the working productivity of the service workshop.

⑨ Carefully check the service documents and records, maintain good records.

⑩ Make reports of daily activities.

⑪ Operating schedule.

⑫ Perform other tasks as directed by your supervisor

① Gender: Male

② Age: 30-40

③ Graduated college or higher major in automotive engineering or knowledge related to automotive engineering

④ Working experience of 2 years or more.

⑤ Withstand working pressure

⑥ Good communication, ability to work independently.

Proficient use of office computers, work-related software.


① Salary: 1000 usd Gross (Depending on experience and capacity)

② Professional working environment according to Japan standards

③ Pay social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with the State regulations

④ Enjoy the regime of the Company

⑤ Have annual travel with the company

Tết Tet bonus

⑦ Have annual checkups


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