Huynh Thi Kim Ngoc


I joined JAC Recruitment Vietnam as an HR Consultant in 2019. Having studied and worked in Japan for 6 years, I grew my polyglot abilities in Japanese. When came back to Vietnam I embarked on my career as a Recruitment Consultant by making JAC Recruitment the first choice for developing my future. My interest in recruitment stemmed from my desire to constantly interact with people with high hopes of being able to provide opportunities for people to move ahead in their careers.

With JAC, I manage clients in the manufacturing space and with my bilingual fluency in Japanese, manage Japanese-speaking clients and candidates.

I strive to understand each candidate's motivations and passions and aligns them with my client's goals for business growth. My ability to strike the delicate balance between candidate aspirations and client's expectations has set me aside as a trusted consultant across industries I work for.