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First day at your new job - Tips for making a great impression

Posted over 1 year ago by JAC Recruitment Vietnam

First Day At Job

Congratulation! You’ve passed the interview, and today is the first day of your dream job at your new company. Don’t mess it up! Your first day at work may be your most memorable day, but it can also be an unexpected experience.

Don’t you worry, with our below tips, your first day at work will be smooth, productive, and effective.

It’s always best to prepare some questions

The first day at work is for listening, learning and observing but it will be much better if you can ask a few questions. It shows that you’re eager to learn but be careful with them.

Don’t forget to ask about the culture and philosophy of the company at the orientation session, it will be easier for you to adapt.

How to introduce yourself

An introduction of 30 seconds is enough, tell briefly about your name (how to address you, you have any nickname…), your working experience and what you have achieved in the past, what you want to achieve in the new company and how you want to contribute to the team.

Don’t be on time! You should be early!

Let’s arrive at the office door at least 15 minutes earlier. This is very important. You should ask the working time of the new company at the interview session, and take note of it. You don’t want to show up late for any reason.


You will want to relax the day before the first day at work. Spend the day to chill out, prepare your mental and physical health so that you can be the brightest the day after. Don’t stay up late or eat too much, or drink alcohol. Of course, you do not want your new manager to see you have a stomachache or a headache on the first day.


It will show that you’re happy with the new job. You had to search the job, prepared the best CV, survived some tough interviews, and finally, you’re here at your dream job. Keep that in mind and it will make you happy all day long. You know that a smiling face is a very good impression, and that’s what you need!


Let’s look around to see how other members are wearing, and how they are interacting with one another. The first day is the day for you to watch, listen and learn. Don’t be shy to say “Hello” to your new colleagues and talk to them, ask them some questions. This is how you can have the whole picture of the new environment and give decisions about what to do next.


On the first days, it’s quite hard for everyone to see your skills or talents. So the key here is “Attitude”. Everyone likes to work with an optimistic and passionate colleague – therefore, show them what they expect. 

Concentrate on your work

Put your phone in silence mode, avoid talking on your hand the phone for a long time outside of the office. Don’t wander on your Facebook page or any online shopping page. All you should do is to focus on your work, learn new things, and get to know everyone.

In conclusion, you don’t have to pretend to be a totally different person. You just need to be yourself. Don’t be too hard on you, remember we always have tomorrow.

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