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  Mã số : 02463

Tổng quan:

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Mô tả:

• To assume the role as a leader in Marine Engineering specializing in detailed design of Marine Structures, other related works and all construction aspects of the marine projects.

• Provide necessary mentoring of other engineers to perform similar detailed Marine Engineering design and constructions.

• Prepare Basis of Design (BOD) and Scope of Works (SOW) for Marine Engineering design and Specifications for the construction works.

• Familiar with international codes and guidelines

• Perform computer structural models of marine structures, analysis and carry out detailed design including preparations of calculation sheets, developing the design sketches and drawings and review of drawings

• Prepare BM/BQ, cost estimates and construction schedule for the Marine Works.

• Prepare design report

• Prepare procurement packages for marine equipment for requisition to subcontractors for example fenders, load monitoring and docking aid system (LMDAS) and other related marine equipment

• Evaluate submission packages from subcontractors who will be carrying out the Marine construction works.

• Coordinate, supervise, expedite, check/approve subcontractor’s documents such as method statement, request for information (RFI), material substitutions etc.

• To be the communication focal point between company and partners such as other group of Companies, vendors and Clients. Coordinate inputs/requests/clarifications from related disciplines (such as Metocean, geotechnical, Piping, Process, Electrical, Instrument, Quality Control, Project Management, etc.) and provide the necessary information / feedback through reviews or consultation with Clients/Vendors for clarifications.

• Assist subcontractors as a field engineer at the site.

Yêu cầu:

Bachelor’s Degree in Civil engineering with a good knowledge in Civil and Structural engineering.

Having 10 years’ experience or more in Structural engineering of marine facilities

• Having good knowledge of marine construction for designing marine facilities.

Knowledge of international codes for concrete design, material such as Eurocode, British Standards, ASTM, ACI, API ASCE etc.

• Familiar with AutoCAD, Microsoft office

• Good command of English, including speaking, listening and writing (Higher than 600 TOEIC is preferred)

• Highly self-motivated, self-growing mindset, a team player with strong commitments to safety (HSE) both at work and on site, meeting project deadlines and working within budget.

• Willing to travel or relocate to site and /or overseas job assignment if required.


Ngành nghề : Xây dựng;Kỹ sư thiết kế
Hình thức tuyển dụng : Nhân viên chính thức
Số năm kinh nghiệm tối thiểu : 10
Địa điểm làm việc : Việt Nam (Thành phố Hà Nội)
Mức lương : 1500 - 2500

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