Product Develop Manager (Footwear)

掲載日 : 08 Apr 2019 | 申込締切日: 08 May 2019

  求人番号 : 02235

Job Description:

1. Daily:

 - Monitor overall sample schedule

 - Participate in key projects

 - Ensure the team work 5S well

 - Check the attendence/absence and leave status of the team

 - Ensure employee follow the Departemnt requlation for work and process


 - Instuct  Tech team to audit production processes

 - Probe customer direction (both Brands and shoe factories) and maintain relationship of key customers

 - Review work status and updates with supervisor

3. Monthly:

 - Lead and plan the direction of PD according to company goal

 - Monthly report to Fancial team

 - Review and approve Dpartment cost

4. Yearly:

 - Lead sales sample meeting to find out issue on early stages

5. Other:

 - Submit Department Budget

 - Handle exception (claim, delay. overdue….)

 - Mentor supervisor and new employee and arrange training for Department

 - Follow up on project and samples from Sales

 - New process innovation and jig improvement

 - Ensure PD team to get the correct and timely knowledge of new material

 - review the result and improvement of new materail trials

 - Preparation for Dev customer visit

 - Review and revise/add Department regulation

 - Review reqularily or irrgularily with team memebers for preformance

 -Make sure team members are aware of company policy and follow accordingly


業界 : 物流・サプライチェーン;生産管理・在庫管理
雇用形態 : 正社員
求める最低経験年数 : 0
勤務地 : オーストラリア
給与 : $2000 and up based on experiences


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